Legislative Monitoring and Development

Thorough Monitoring

Unlike many states, Michigan, and Ohio both have full-time, year-round Legislatures. This means upwards of 4,000 bills are introduced in each state over a two-year session.

We track bill introductions in the Michigan and Ohio Legislature for you on a daily and weekly basis. We also provide you with written summaries of the status of bills that might be of interest to you. In addition to formal tracking, we maintain close relationships with key leadership offices, committee chairs, and top-level staff. Therefore, we regularly have access to important legislative developments prior to formal bill introduction, which can give you a competitive edge.

Valuable Legal Knowledge

Multiple members of our lobbying team are also attorneys. As a result, we have the legal skills necessary to quickly analyze complex legislation and to recognize bills which affect you in ways not immediately apparent. We also have advanced skills in legislative drafting and procedural issues, which often must be fully outsourced at other firms. We’re happy to offer this service to provide our clients with significant cost savings.

An aerial view of the Michigan Senate seats

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