Core Values

Lansing, Michigan capitol conference room lined with desks..

Our Core Values

Our founders created Kelley Cawthorne in the spirit of bipartisanship. We respect the American process of self-government even when we disagree with the results. These are the values we live by.

Integrity First

You should partner with a firm that does business with integrity. We are dedicated to doing the right thing every single time.

Client Focused

We work tirelessly to advance your interests in the public arena. Helping you effectively shape change is the reason we exist.

The Team. The Team. The Team.

We value team success over individual recognition. Our team is not complete without you, the client.

Always Innovate.

Politics and business change constantly. So do we. Our team stays on top of policy issues and the political environment so we are fully up to speed whenever you need us.

Go Beyond.

We do more than is expected. Your expectations of us should not be able to surpass the expectations we have for ourselves.