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“Change is coming.” That always has been and always will be true. The question all of us need to ask is, “Will we work to shape change, or will we allow change to shape us?”

We only need to look back to the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to realize the importance of that question. Our lives can change overnight. Government policy affects every aspect of our daily lives. This includes issues as important as whether our children can attend school or whether your business can even legally operate.

Don’t just react to change—shape it to your advantage.

Kelley Cawthorne is the leading Midwestern lobbying firm. We don’t just advocate. We improve communities and grow your organization. We combine innovative strategies with proven messaging, policy, and business expertise. Kelley Cawthorne is your partner in shaping change.

The statue of Governor Austin Blair stands outside the Lansing, Michigan capitol building.

You Need a Team That Takes a Unique Approach.

Lobbying is more than just politics. We partner with our clients to build relationships and increase business opportunities through government action. This business-like approach gives our clients a competitive advantage.

You Need to Work With a Highly Respected Team.

Kelley Cawthorne and our team members are recognized as among the very best in the lobbying advocacy profession by government officials and publications such as Crain’s Detroit Business, Inside Michigan Politics, and MIRS News.

You Need Lobbyists Who Work Beyond the Legislature.

Successful lobbying is more than just what happens inside the Capitol building. It requires dealing effectively with constituents, regulators, the governor’s office, the media, and even your own employees or members. We help assess your strengths and deliver your message to elected officials—and the people who influence them.

You Need Partners Who Have Innovation in Their DNA.

We are at the forefront of lobbying in the modern era. We leverage personal relationships, events, and modern technology to build your momentum. The result is a powerful combination of high touch and high tech.

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Whether you want the state of Michigan to be a source of funding for your business through grants or appropriations, a customer of goods or services provided by your business, or a regulator to help your business or industry, Kelley Cawthorne is here for you. Contact us today. Let’s work together to shape change for the benefit of your future and the future of your state.

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