Kelley Cawthorne Connect

Kelley Cawthorne Connect 

Face-to-face “lobby day” events have long been the gold standard for making a big policy impacts on state governments. However, the health risks associated with COVID-19 have severely limited the ability of associations to hold large-scale advocacy days outside of individual Zoom meetings or phone calls.

We solved the problem by creating Kelley Cawthorne Connect, our new technology service. Kelley Cawthorne Connect empowers you to safely, easily and affordably arrange large, virtual state government advocacy days, which have been nearly impossible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lobbying Events Made Easy

With our virtual meeting technology, you can safely engage your members by scheduling 100 or more individual virtual meetings with legislators and staff. Kelley Cawthorne Connect makes your life easier by helping you plan the entire day, matching your members with their legislators, and building the schedule to make it happen.

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