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Melissa Yutzey McKinley

The Fighter

Melissa Yutzey McKinley is a fighter. A fighter who delivers for the firm's clients each and every day. 

If you’re in a tough legislative fight you want Melissa working for you, not against you.

Her average workday is twelve (12) hours and she is just as likely to eat a meal over the kitchen sink as she is to entertain clients at a high end restaurant. “It’s not always glamorous,” she says. “But it’s always exciting.”


One of Michigan’s Top Five (5) lobbyists // MIRS News Survey // June 2011; Named one of Michigan’s Top Five (5) female lobbyists and Top Ten (10) overall // Inside Michigan Politics // January 2011


Legislative Affairs, Western Michigan University; Legislative Aide, Senate Democratic Leader Bob Emerson and Democratic Speaker of the House; Finance Director, Senate Democratic Fund.


Fire Safety and Services, Transportation and Infrastructure, Higher Education/Graduate Medical Education, Healthcare, Appropriations, Procurement and State Contracts, Licensed Professions, PAC Development and Strategy, Logistics and Supply Chain. 


Michigan State University.